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Ankh Black Sweatpants

Ankh Black Sweatpants

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Comfy, ever so soft, stylish sweatpants. Perfect for chilled days, in the house or out and about. Or why not take your nightlife to the next level of style and comfort, by matching the sweatpants with one of Modern Witch crop tops and pair of statement heels. They are also perfect sweatpants for the gym! The premium quality knitted cotton will have you feeling fresh, sexy and warm. These bottoms are breathable, plus size for extra comfort room and they are sustainable, which means these are built to last! All sweatpants have matching hoodies for the perfect casual combo, and why not add a touch of class with our sexy cropped wrap top.
Embroidery can be found on the right leg near the pocket and the modern witch logo on the back left. The bottoms have an adjustable string and elastic waistband for the perfect fit, elastic around the ankles and come with two sizable pockets.

The model is 5’7, size 10 wearing an M.

Also comes in black

Material: 60 % cotton and 40% polyester.


Ankh- The key of Life
The Ankh, was originally an Egyptian hieroglyph used to represent the word “life”, a symbol of life. The mentality of ancient Egypt, death did not mean the end, but was merely a transition to the afterlife, to eternal life and we know this to be true in spirituality. There are many different cultures and religions that have given it different meanings. For the Egyptians, it was mainly a symbol of life or immortality. The symbol of the Ankh has also been interpreted as a symbol of balance between opposing forces, for example, between masculinity and femininity, positive and negative. The lower part of the cross has male sexual attributes, and the upper part, the uterus, symbolizing the reconciliation of the opposites, unity between both sexes and above all, reproduction and therefore, the cycle of life. Wearing the symbol will bring good luck and fortune.

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