About Us

Modern Witch Boutique
10 years ago, our founder set out on her spiritual awakening journey.
A great heart break became her catalyst into finding out who we all truly are.
Through years and years of research, reading, and finding lost truths,
She went from being raised as an atheist,
To knowing that we are the divine incarnate.
Through studying science and quantum physics,
By understanding the minute scale of the universe,
Science tells us we are in a hologram and that there is an invisible force guiding the universe,
That force is the divine consciousness.
From there, her true purpose awakened, and the white witch had arrived,
And her empathic nature was finally understood.
It was then she knew she must share this knowledge to those wanting to hear it,
And through our mutual love of fashion, We have joined her on this journey,
To spread ancient spiritual truths.
A coven of modern witches dedicated to spreading the truth about our universe.
To help in the progression of the collective, Bringing back the secrets,
whilst looking good too.
To aid in the greater good.
For the good of all,
Or nothing at all.